I-HLS TV Interview – Yoav Zobel, VP software developer at Eternix

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In an interview for I-HLS, Yoav Zobel, VP software developer at Eternix, talks about the company’s main product, called Blaze, which visualizes many different kinds of geographical data in a set area.

Eternix is a product company based in Tel Aviv that develops technology and products for visualization of special data. One set of products is the end-use application, while the other is SDK – the ability to take the technology and integrate it into other systems.

The company’s solutions are meant for anyone who has any kind of geographical information. The visualization engine uses any type of computer’s GPU and streaming in order to show huge amounts of data as a visual map.

The company’s technology has a wide range of applications, military and non-military. “For example,” says Zobel, “It can be used by municipalities or governmental agencies that want to visualize the 3-dimensional data of cities or buildings.”