All You Wanted to Know About SAP HANA Platform

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Tech Giant SAP has recently declared the launch of a new accelerator in collaboration with Sela in the field of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), meant to help tech companies to promote and launch solutions and services in the field based on SAP’s technologies and especially SAP HANA.

Paz Shabtai of I-HLS met with Shmulik Sitton, director of Business Analytics and Technology at SAP to understand what to look forward to from the accelerator, what technologies the platformed is based and what SAP HANA is.

Shmulik Sitton, Director of Business Analytics and Technology

“The accelerator we offer adresses tech companies and startups who are interested in promoting and launching innovative solutions and services in the fields of Big Data and IoT. The purpose is to help companies promote innovation and shorten time-to-market with SAP HANA technology. To provide these companies with the best and most relevant service for them, we invite them to a complete and intense five-day workshop: Two days of passing knowledge and defining the architecture for the solution, and three more days “hands-on” – where the companies, along with SAP’s experts, develop a prototype of the solution.”

In the fields of IoT and Big Data, SAP works with partners,” Says Sitton. “After the client chooses the platform, they are the implementors, the advisors and basically give the full solution.”

On this accelerator, SAP is collaborating with Sela – a consulting company with much knowledge and experience in implementing business and technological solutions in the fields of Big Data and Internet of Things.

The platform offered in the accelerator is comprised of two technological areas: the SAP platform for Big Data and a structured connection to the Open Source world (with close cooperation with HADOOP distributers). “Our goal,” says Sitton, “is to show organizations in practice how easy and right the use of SAP platforms for creating software solutions of their own and to leave such a workshop with a working prototype is. SAP HANA is the most relevant platform for development in the market, especially when it comes to development organizations developing software solutions for the worlds of B2B and B2E.”

Also, the platform on which SAP’s IoT technologies are based is a development platform called Cloud Platform SAP HANA. This platform is SAP’s database, based on groundbreaking in-memory technology – itself developed by SAP with Intel, and is expected to be in use for the next thirty years.

“This is the first time a coftware company has developed a product as central as a database with a hardware company,” says Sitton. “What this means is that I can buy the platform as a software but get with it the designtated hardware developed with that software. This offers an important response to the world of Big Data with its endless data. We can grow, hardware wise, lineary so that we can contain an endless amount of data.”

SAP HANA can be in a cloud, but can also be On Premise. In fact, it can even be hybrid. Some services cannot share all of their information in a public cloud platform, and so they need the hybrid solution. A certain service who uses SAP HANA can enjoy having a choice of which data they are interested and capable of revealing and what information remains in the closed and secured system the platform provides. For this end, the platform not only provides a hybrid solution, but also a secure cloud.

“We understand that services who deal in several fields simulatenously need a large space for manouver and so we make sure to provide with that space,” said Sitton.