I-HLS TV Interview – col. (res) Anwar Saab On Security After Carmel Fire

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In an interview with I-HLS, col. (res) Anwar Saab spoke of his company’s emergency system.

The highly technological system offers a capability to have a full interaction between authorities and civilians. The system gives alert for civilians once the enemy launches missiles against Israel.

The system can also shift from everyday life to emergency situations.

During everyday life, the police is the one in charge of security inside the Israeli borders, but once the minister of defense or the prime minister declares an emergency situation, every security body under control of the Israeli Defence Forces and the Home front command comes into action.

Saab was the northern district commander during the terrible fire on Mount Carmel back in 2010. The fire, he says, caused many lessons to be learned in the field of security, some of them regarding communication between different security bodies and local authorities. Many gaps were revealed in the different departments capability of working together.

This is why the whole system of communication today in Israel is trying to offer solutions for cooperation and coordination.