The Small Umbrella and the North Korean Bomb

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Washington is angry , the security council will convene and condemn.

This is the beginning of another sad joke.

North Korea is ignoring the “world” namely the U.S , and is continuing its massive nuclear program.

What Iran did with a “Smiles campaign” , North Korea is doing by spitting in the face of the world. And the world opens a small umbrella. and that’s it.

North Korea said Wednesday that it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb at around 10 a.m. local time.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported that a magnitude 5.1 earthquake was detected at that time near North Korea’s nuclear test site in the northeast of the country.

Experts have said it was unclear whether North Korea had developed the ability to build a hydrogen bomb. The magnitude of the latest explosion was the same as a 2013 test of an atomic bomb.

U.S. officials said they were working to confirm North Korea’s claim. In the past, U.S. officials have questioned North Korea’s claims to technological breakthroughs.

At the same time, the Pentagon last year said it has determined that Pyongyang is close to or already capable of miniaturizing nuclear warheads so they can be mounted on missiles and launched across the globe.

North Korea has staged three test detonations of atomic bombs; the latest was in 2013. A hydrogen bomb is more powerful and uses nuclear fusion to trigger an uncontrolled chain reaction.

Nothing in the current situation can stop the North Koreans. This country is a danger to the world but until now nothing serious has been made to neutralize the threat.

Washington is weak and Moscow is busy with Syria. In this situation North Korea will continue the development of a nuclear arsenal and one of long range ballistic missiles.