“Israel’s Nightmare” App To Showcase Iran’s Missile Arsenal

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Apps have become ubiquitous. They provide us with tools for nearly every task imaginable. From shopping lists to fully fledged remotes to control drones. Whatever you wish to do – there’s probably an app it.

While every Israeli is familiar with the “Colour Red” app that provides real-time warning of incoming rocket attacks, Iranians are about to get one with a somewhat different purpose.

“Israel’s Nightmare” is a mobile application developed by Arshia Badi, an Iranian university student. Its aim is to introduce and familiarise users with the missile capabilities of the Islamic Republic.  The app provides explanations and illustrations of each missile in Iran’s short-, mid-, and long-range missile arsenal, including photographs and available technical specifications.

The app is provided free of charge, with the ostensible goal of educating the public.

“This android application can be accessed free of charge and I do not seek any financial gains by designing this software,” said Badi.

But with a name like “Israel’s Nightmare,” one cannot but wonder what other, propagandist, aims the app’s creator may have. It may well be an attempt to sow fear in the hearts of Iran’s neighbours, and seems in line with the Islamic Republic’s recent revelations regarding its missile capabilities.

Iran unveiled a variety of new, domestically-produced missiles over the summer. A new Fateh-313 missile was announced in August, with a 500 kilometer range, and in October Iran revealed it successfully tested a new long-range missile, “Imad.”

The Islamic Republic claims its ballistic missile arsenal has missiles with a range of 2,000 kilometers – more than enough to strike Israel and indeed become “Israel’s Nightmare.”