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Arie Egozi

The announcement made by ISIS in Sinai, saying it was responsible for shooting down the Russian passenger plane over Sinai seems at first false.

The organization probably has mostly Russian shoulder missiles but those are only effective against low-flying planes and helicopters and cannot hit a target flying over 3,500 meters.

The Russian Airbus probably reached an altitude of 10 km and had it been hit during take-off, the pilots could report such a hit.

So it probably was not a rocket launched from the ground that shot down the Russian plane, but the announcement of ISIS in Sinai itself it enough to arouse suspicions that the organization is trying or is about to try to intercept planes using what shoulder missiles it does have.

Facing this danger – and ISIS isn’t just in Sinai, Syria and Iraq but in many countries in Europe as well – it’s quite odd that the governments of these countries should be so complacent.

ISIS intercepting a passenger plane using a shoulder missile is only a matter of time. This terror organization and others like it have a massive amount of shoulder missiles, which they will activate once they think rates of success are good enough.

The Israeli Elbit has developed a system to counter shoulder missiles, which has already been deployed in Israel passenger planes. The world’s interest, however, is low. Airline companies are ignoring the danger. Executive jets and VIP aircrafts are securing themselves, but in regular passenger planes things are completely different, except for Israel. It is weird, frightening and hard to explain.

There is an organization that aims to commit massive attacks using shoulder missiles. The apathy of the world is unexplainable.

But much like how Europe is blind to the Islamic assault, it is blind to real and immediate dangers.

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