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The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) General Armaments Department (GAD) has approved a new generation amphibious armored ambulance.

The indigenously made ambulance can act as a small emergency room and can effectively enhance the defensive and traffic capabilities of the medical crew in combat rescue operations, China Military reported.

The new amphibious armored ambulance can quickly transport the casualties under complicated weather conditions in complex terrains at sea and on land. In amphibious landing operations, the ambulance can accompany the combat troops to carry out medical support tasks.

Inside the amphibious armored ambulance, monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps and various types of drugs and equipment necessary for the treatment of the wounded are available.

The damping structure and cushion in the built-in bunk stretcher bed and seats for the wounded have been transformed to avoid secondary damage caused by bumps; at the same time, noise reduction and human design features in interior, climate control and lighting in the entire ambulance cabin can create a suitable environment to rescue the wounded.

Researchers said that this amphibious armored ambulance can transport up to eight wounded in addition to the medical crew. The loading and unloading of all the wounded can be completed within two minutes as a result of the specially-designed bunk stretcher bed and ambulance doors.

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