Video Analytics To Answer Security Issues Throughout The World

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Sometimes all you need to decrease the various security gaps countries of the world are facing is just a little more technology and artificial intelligence. We cannot open our eyes to every object around us 24 hours a day and so combining automation, such as video analytics technology, as complementary to human capabilities is an adequate solution.

Although it is a  relatively new field, according to a report analyzing this technology’s market – “Global Intelligent Video Analytics Market 2015-2019”, it seems that video analytics is about to grow in a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 33.20% in the year 2014-2019.


This is a technology that allows us to identify, record, analyze a massive amount of data and even prioritize them at any hour and with no human operator. Using these capabilities the cameras can detect a certain event or behavior in real time, such as a crowd gathering, suspicious behavior, penetration into a secure area or leaving objects unattended – based on a range of parameters such as shape or size. That way, cameras with this technology send an automatic alert to the control room and security services to examine a suspicious briefcase, for example, before disaster can happen.

These capabilities help in coping with security and defense demands in any surroundings, whether it is protecting a school, an airport, or road safety and accidents prevention. It is well-known that once these security cameras are installed in any city, crime rates drop substantially, which is why implementing video analytics in these cameras will allow increasing the capability to handle terror, vandalism or any other security issue. In other words, with Video Technology security services could take a pro-active approach, as technology creates deterrence as well as amplifies security services’ ability to react.

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