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itlAuthorization and certification processes for Israel’s universal fueling device are now complete. Soon the fueling system will be operated and implemented in different gas stations across the country. Deployment is expected to station a universal fueling system in every gas station – 1,100 throughout Israel – which will offer competition between companies and give clients a free choice.

The universal fueling system will allow for the first time clients to fuel and change companies, while relieving the technological block, separating clients of different gas stations in the automatic fueling points. The system will offer clients who have the universal fueling device installed in their car to fuel in different gas station all across the country, change their fuel services supplier to sign agreements with more than one Gas Company. The Fuel and Gas Administration states that the system is an original and secure Israeli development and is fully expecting that in the future, more countries will use these kinds of systems. For promoting this step the administration initiated and funded an original Israeli standard and a fueling platform which includes an RFID-based encryption device which has never been used for fueling systems up to now.

The standard allows for compatibility for all the gas companies up to it. ITL has performed thorough examinations for a very long period of time of the top standard IS600, as well as comparative tests to make sure that both Orpak and Roseman, companies that offer service to gas stations in Israel and abroad, are up compatible. At the end of an extensive effort, ITL has established that both companies were up to standard. It is only after these tests and the company’s final assertion that all factors were up to standard that this national infrastructure is possible to operate.

The Ministry of Energy is currently working on finishing all the tests conducted in order to give a green for operating the system.

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