New Light Weight Torso, Side Body Armor

New Light Weight Torso, Side Body Armor

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BAE Systems has won a $45 million US army contract for the low-rate initial production of lightweight torso and side body armor.

The company’s side body armor, apart from protecting soldiers, also reduces their carrying load.

The modification was awarded under the Soldier Protection System Vital Torso Protection program that represents the future in lightweight, high-performance hard body armor, the company announced.

“This award shows the continued importance of BAE Systems to the Army’s drive to deliver the lightest weight body armor available today,” said Robert Monks, director of Warfighter Protection Programs at BAE Systems.

“It positions us to continue as a leading supplier of the lightest, next-generation body armor for the U.S. Department of Defense.” Monks added.

Under the contract, BAE Systems will provide three armor variants: the Lightweight X Small Arms Protective Insert (XSAPI), a torso plate that protects against various threats; and two side plate variants, the Lightweight X Side Ballistic Insert (XSBI) and Lightweight Enhanced Side Ballistic Insert (ESBI), which enhance the protection afforded by the torso plates.

These plates offer the same level of ballistic performance as previous generations but are at least seven percent lighter, reducing the load on the warfighter. Defense World reports that the company will deliver more than 90,000 plates under the contract modification.

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