Nanotechnology To Improve Maritime, Ground, Aerial Safety

Nanotechnology To Improve Maritime, Ground, Aerial Safety

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We may not all be aware of it, but nanotechnology is being extensively used and even accompanies us throughout the day – whether in smartphones or in digital cameras and other gadgets. Different breakthroughs in the field on nanotechnology which are currently under development include cars, boats and pkanes built from light-weight and stronger than steel materials, which combine new functions like auto-clean and self-repair.

More examples of the wonders of nanotechnology can be found in anti-shock stiff fabrics meant to protect the wearer’s body, sensors to operate in difficult environments such as the deep ocean and space, nano-implents for medical diagnosis that make doctors’ jobs easier and smart devices that store energy from their surroundings. There is no end to possible developments in this field and so we watch how all the devices around us turn smaller in time thanks to these technologies.

Southampton University was recently awarded a large award to gather some of the brightest young researchers in order to come up with new ways to use nanotechnology for maritime, ground and aerial safety. Over 50 young doctorates from leading universities will take part in the research together with industrial partners, work on multidisciplinary projects and get inside the world’s top facilities such as the Southampton Nanofabrication Centre. The researchers will get together once a year to reveal their findings and share their ideas.

The funding for this project comes from the Lloyd’s Register Foundation which was established in 2012 and funds many researches and developments in engineering and supports activity meant to increase safety on land, sea and air.

“The support of Lloyd’s Register Foundation is key to our mission,” adds Dr Prodromakis. “Lloyd’s Register itself is well-known for promoting safety worldwide for more than 250 years. Its Global Technology Centre is now based in Southampton and its Foundation has become a catalyst to support research, training and education for the benefit of society. We are delighted to work alongside them.”

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