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Throughout the day, thousands of people – visitors, participants, presenters and speakers – came gushing through the LAGO events center in Rishon Letzion to hear, see and experience the direction the Israeli unmanned systems industry is heading.

206“Watching these systems in action is like nothing you’ve seen”, said a young student of a technological school – one of many who came to witness the systems of today in order to develop the technology of tomorrow. “It’s amazing how something that looks so small and simple on the outside can be so complex and technological on the inside.”

People of all ages came to the air show and many companies found a lot of interest in all the technologies presented – every technology that is connected, makes up, and envelops these unmanned systems. On such an international scale of technology, presented in such an international scale exhibition, there’s no wonder Israel is a leader in unmanned systems for the past forty years.