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כנס Bdy

The AUS&R 2014 conference and exhibition was a major success.

iHLS has decided to expand the upcoming AUS&R 2015 airshow and live display!

Registration to the AUS&R 2015 conference and exhibition has begun:

Register to AUS&R 2015

We basked in our huge success these past few days. Despite stormy weather, we held an amazing event, complete with accolades from Israel and all over the world, by presenters, companies and the media.

We had a turnout of thousands of visitors on a rainy and windy day. Everyone who was there was really impressed.

The media loved the event, the participants are singing our praises, and companies the world over, including Israel, have been asked for details about the upcoming AUS&R 2015 event.

So we are now back to work full steam ahead on the AUS&R 2015 conference and exhibition, which is going to be grander and more fascinating.

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