Law Enforcement Services Balance Technology and Procedure

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In the modern age, law enforcement agencies have become more and more technological after discovering that the extensive use of technology assists in documenting information, learning from past cases, court evidence and in general be a source for greater transparency to the citizens they serve.

As a result, more and more police stations are instructing their officers to take to the field while carrying body cameras. But there is still the question of what is the best way to preserve the vast amounts of information stored in the police computers. In order to answer this issue, top ranking officials from all over the United States have convened in the Seattle Police Station at the north of the state, and were joined by technology experts in order to divulge the different options.

The issues included, among other things, the need to protect the citizens’ privacy but at the same time to allow the police officers to do their jobs protecting citizens and upholding the law. No one disagreed among the representatives attending that technology needs to be harnessed for law enforcement operations, but it mustn’t be used hastily before an organized protocol is established. The Seattle police, for example, which is currently running a pilot using body cameras on officers, says that after the pilot is completed, it will stop the use of cameras until the whole issue becomes regulated as proper procedure must be kept.

In the modern age, there’s no escaping technology being used in all areas of life since it can help all of us operate more efficiently with limited resources, both economical and human. Of course law enforcement agencies are keeping up as well. Technology can help them perform their job in a better way, but as they are doing a public service that affects the lives of citizens, they must act according to strict standards and integrate technology in an ordered and proper fashion.

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