North Korea might instruct Iran how to hide elements of its Nuclear program

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Experts assess that North Korea has developed methods of hiding “sensitive” military elements from Spy satellites. “They will for sure export this technology to Iran” one of the experts said.

North Korea has built a cover around its rocket-launching platform possibly to evade from surveillance by spy satellites.

According to Defense world net, on Sunday, the US satellite images indicated the steel platform at Sohae Satellite Launching Station was completely covered.

US diplomatic sources were quoted as saying by various media on Saturday that the previous 50-meter-tall gantry at the site has been extended to 60 meters in height. It is a clear indication that North Korea is accelerating preparations for a missile launch, the sources added.

The latest progress at the station in Tongchang-ri, North Pyongan Province near the China border, was detected after Seoul said that the North Korea recently built a 17-meter extension to a 50-meter launch pad. The roof is expected to be complete in mid-August.

South Korean Defense Minister Kim Min-seok said Monday that it would be difficult to find out whether or not a missile is being assembled under the rooftop.

Seoul expects that any kind of launch of North Korea on the October 10 Workers’ Party anniversary would be used as a provocation against the South.

Different spy satellites including those of Israel are consciously  monitoring Iran with a focus on its nuclear installations.

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