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The U.S. navy’s Naval Research Laboratory is currently in the process of developing an invisible bullet-proof protection armor. This armor is based on a material called Spinel, which is several times stronger than bullet-proof glass and can protect soldiers in all sorts of combat enironments. Dr. Jess Sanghera, one of the researchers, says that this new material will provide better protection for the military force placed in a hostile environment. Furthermore, the material’s light weight allows to use it in aerial vehicles such as UAVs.

The original form of Spinel
The original form of Spinel

The navy’s laboratory has developed a new system to make the spinel material, produced originally as a colorful material, transparent and paper thin. In this new form, the material could be molded in all weights and shapes, which can be turned into parts for many tools, such as wings for UAVs. The material’s use isn’t limited to aerial vehicles, although its lightness does serve an advantage in that field. Being transparent, it can be expected to be used as basis for the next generation of bullet-proof glass.

The altered form of Spinel

The spinel material could offer V.I.Ps to travel safely through hostile surroundings without having to use noticable vehicles in the field, as large and heavy vehicles will no longer be required in otder to carry the enormous weight of armored materials beings used today. In the future, the spinel could become basis for transforming an everyday vehicle to one shielded and armored from front to back.

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