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Connecting with suppliers isn’t an easy thing for a company receiving different services. It is a bureaucratic process which demands many forms, contracts being signed, and personal connections being maintained to nurture relationship between both parties. Usually, evey company providing a certain service is focused on a specific field in which it strives to be the best. The Israeli company Radion, which was established in 1947, has took this issue a step forward and is uniting several companies specializing in a certain field under one roof. The different companies deal with areas related to one another, which allows Radion to supply its clients combined solutions with several capabilities through connecting with a single supplier.

Radion incorporates solutions from electronics, control equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning, energy and provides equipment for the food industry. Among the products the company can provide its clients, being a link to specialized companies, is spring robe connectors, made by Smiths Connectors, which are suited for infantry and can withstand extreme environment. Another product is temperature sensors in various sizes by the American MINCO. These temperature sensors can be installed on any aerial or ground vehicle requiring temperature monitoring in order to work more efficiently.

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