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Many tools used in both the civilian industry and the military one work in difficult conditions, which forces the delicate electronic equipment that’s inside these modern tools to work in a tough environment, including high or low temperature, moist, dust, shakes, hits and scratches, screen visibility in different light conditions, overcoming radio disruptions (natural or intentional) and more.

The control units, developed by Milper, are used to direct and remote -control aerial, land and maritime vehicles as well as autonomous robots and they combine several technologies intertwined for a compact and effective system. The rugged control units come in various shapes and sizes, have simple and recognizable operating systems and can be installed in any vehicle or on clothes.

Milper Ltd. was established in 1984 and since then has been specializing in developing and producing electronic and mechanic ensembles, and and rugged ensembles for MIL-STD. The company is heading in creating custom-made rugged solutions and integrating systems – converting civilian shelf products to be fit for severe conditions as to be used for defense, military, law enforcement operations and industry services.

Milper’s systems have been operated in various kinds of platforms such as field control-rooms, UAVs, ground and armored vehicles, ships etc.

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