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Saber Junction 2014The United States army, which is getting smaller as of late, is inevitably working in close cooperation with various different armies, but working together is not running smoothly and many problems arise in the communication between the forces – much of them because of differences between communications’ infrastructure and systems. For instance, in an exercise taking place in Germany, the U.S. soldiers failed to ask artillery assistance from the soldiers of a different army working alongside them and only managed to send the message to their colleagues in the battlefield after 30 minutes. A U.S. military official who played an active part in the exercise has said that communications between the different operating forces is crucial and that good communication between soldiers on land, saw, the special U.S. forces and ally countries is even more important than the use of force itself, since the main goal is to avoid warfare not by using force but by simply demonstrating it. This is even more relevant in light of serious cutbacks in U.S. military personnel lately.

Operation Atlantic Resolve is being carried out with the participation of several European countries as well as the U.S. in response to Russian aggression against Ukraine, and shows the commitment of the American power to its European allies.

A joint center for international training in Germany was asked to find a solution to the problem of communications between different armies in joint military operations. A high-ranked official in the communications field in the U.S. military has said that while they cannot yet deal with miscommunication with other forces in joint operations between several armies, nor can they resolve them, they have the obligation to supply this ability so that more countries could take part in international missions.

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