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slider_h160cAirbus has been tirelessly working on the plan to develop the X6, a new and improved helicopter that is to replace the NH90 and H225 in 15 years, so reports Airbus Helicopters CEO at the Paris AirShow, which is taking place these days for the 51st time. The new helicopter can carry on deck a crew of 19 people and its total weight is over 10 tons. In the announcement, the CEO said that timeline for developing the X6 will begin with two years of pre-planning after which the plan will go on to next stages of development. He added that at first, the platform will serve mostly aerial vehicles of the civil sector, but will be modified later on and adjusted to be of use to the military sector as well. A main upgrade that Airbus plans for its helicopter is a special roter that was recently developed in the company’s labs that will produce minimal noise, which will make its integration into military alignment much easier.

Simultaneously, Airbus has also notified the media at the Paris AirShow that  twin-engine medium helicopter H160 has performed its debut flight a few days ago. The announcement also stated that the helicopter will first be launched for civilian use but possibly stand the demands of the French army, navy and sea force. Furthermore, another helicopter of the company – the Airbus H145, which has already been ordered by the Thai and German military, was recently granted civil certifications.