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Global techThe Paris Airshow constitutes as a display window for the range of developments in the technological front of the world today, and many companies belonging to the aerial market arrive to present the products they’ve been laboring on for a long time. The 51st AirShow is taking place these very days, attracting Israeli companies such as Elbit Systems. The company used the showcase which attracts potential clients to present the Air Keeper system – a unique platforms that combines two in one: Electronic Warfare functions as well as Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) systems. This two-way system is already being operated and can be installed on all aerial vehicles. It also supplies a modular solution adjustable to the client’s needs and demands.

The system is unique in the combination it offers between EW, which can neutralize the enemy’s radar and radio systems, and signal intelligence gathering abilities. “The combination of these two systems allows the user to function in the best way possible on the modern battle-field”, says Edgar Maimon, director of Elbit EW and SIGINT-Elisra systems. He goes on and says that “the Air Keeper is a substantial force in the modern battle-field, which is charactarized in fast-moving targets that appear and disappear quickly, in that it help close the circle of intelligence and weponry at high speed along simultaneously with its ability to cope more effectively with enemy targets.”