An Assisting Technology that Can Save Life

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lex_l10_photo_1_600x600The daily routine of the emergency service personnel, cops, fire fighters and emergency medicine doctors, is packed full with a wide variety of events, and is characterized by a fast pace of occurrences. As they arrive the scene of an emergency, an accident, a fire, or anything else that requires quick, immediate answer, they must act efficiently and quickly to close the event to the best of their abilities.

In light of the fact that the lives of the emergency sector employees are packed ful, and since their success at work is dependent upon their ability to focus on the current mission, it is but reasonable that in the technological world of today, one of the companies shall develop a “must-have” product for emergency personnel.

Motorola Solutions developed a palm gadget suitable for the specific needs of the security and emergency forces. The device, LEX 10 LTE includes a button that establishes a call in one click, enhanced audio and designated apps that enable the security personnel to perform their duty easily. The new device was developed together with an Israeli team responsible for its hardware and software, and it is based on an Israeli software already developed, which enables functions of remote management, mobility between private and public networks, etc.