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By: Eyal Avidov

So called ’Sticky bombs’ are becoming a global threat and are commonly used by terror groups, local mafia and other para-military organizations. The security market is ready now more than ever for any viable solution.

An Israeli company has endeavored to feature what they refer to as ’The Advanced Car Protection’. Currently under development these days, it will detect any hidden device placed under the parked car and will issue an alert in real time. The system will also prevent easy access to the chassis area of the car by deploying a physical shield around the car. The core technology, already in development, is patent pending.

Placing a ’sticky bomb’ under a car is typically done while the car is parked, either a civilian or even a military vehicle, while standing at a crowded place. Once placed, the bomb can be triggered manually or automatically, as well as via direct connection such as wire, infrared or Bluetooth – as well as via remote connection (cellular). There is no need to eliminate the car alarm or try to physically break into the car.

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Therefore, the bomb can be in “silent” mode before it is triggered and will be hard to detect even when one looks under the car to check. The same is true for tracking devices that are even smaller in size and therefore harder to detect by a physical check of the chassis.

The system, developed by ABCD MAX, features a holistic approach that combines electronic sensors and physical protection. The patented physical barrier prevents unauthorized access to the vehicle by sealing the gap between the vehicle and the ground while smart sensors cover the area underneath the vehicle, preventing penetration of any foreign objects. This approach allows 360-degree chassis protection of any car, both armored as well as not armored.

ABCD MAX’s application will provide alert to smartphone/ any computer about any attempt to lay an object under the vehicle. The end user can control the system by any smartphone or computer.