IMI will unveil new systems at Brazil’s Defense and Security Exhibition LAAD 2015

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שומר ראש חילוץ והצלה-2At the upcoming LAAD exhibition at Rio de Janeiro, IMI is displaying a wide range of combat systems designed to meet the needs of military forces and government agencies in Latin America.

“IMI has been supplying advanced weapon systems to military customers in the region for decades.” IMI VP Marketing Avinoam Zafir said. Modernization of combat vehicles, advanced rocket systems and a wide range of ammunition were part of those programs. Some were delivered from Israel, other were  produced by the customers, as part of collaborative programs. “At LAAD we are introducing some of the advanced systems IMI is developing today, to equip the future land forces with the most decisive and effective capabilities.” Zafir added.


Bright Arrow

A remotely operated weapon station integrated with active protection system, Bright Arrow provides combat forces with situational awareness, active protection and effective counter-fire capability, enabling the combat vehicle’s crew to effectively deal with threats in the short and medium range.

The system comprises RF and EO sensors providing early warning, threat detection and situational awareness. In addition to alerting the crew, the system provides targeting data for the weapon system and countermeasures. On-board active protection means include soft and hard kill elements, designed to deal with guided missiles, RPGs and anti-tank rounds. The system also controls a remotely operated weapon system mounting 7.62mm light machine gun that provides an effective counter-fire, which can be automatically suppress the source of fire. Currently in advanced development stage Bright Arrow is based on unique know-how and technologies developed by IMI in recent years.


This high performance, all-terrain armored patrol vehicle has been configured to support military, counter terror and special security operations in complex terrain. A highly protected vehicle, the 4×4 CombatGuard carries six fully equipped combatants over extremely rugged terrain, crossing mud, sand dunes or dense urban areas.

Designed and developed by IMI in collaboration with Ido Off-road Center, CombatGuard has been specially developed for its mission. Unlike vehicles based on modified commercial or military chassis, CombatGuard represents a ‘clean sheet design’, optimized for military missions.

Based on a modular design, CombatGuard can be modified to meet evolving needs. Among the variants designed by IMI are patrol vehicle, combat reconnaissance, mobile command post, communications equipment carrier and casualty evacuations vehicles.

Utilizing an integrated automotive drivetrain and off-the shelf spare parts, the maintenance and support of the CombatGuard are simple and efficient, contributing to low life cycle cost, supporting decades intensive and reliable use.

שומר ראש חץ זוהר

Guided Mortar Munition (GMM)

IMI’s new Guided Mortar Munition (GMM) provides tactical forces with rapid, accurate and effective fire support. GMM was developed in response to operational requirements from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and foreign military customers, based on lessons learned in recent conflicts.

The ‘brain’ of the system employs IMI’s ‘Pure Heart’ miniaturized guidance system, integrating and synchronizing navigation, real-time computing and control systems into a single blast-hardened guidance system. For its compact size, weight and power (SWaP), Pure Heart can be integrated in almost any aerial or surface launched weapon.

Supporting tactical forces, the GMM employed against targets in open or urban terrain has a range of 8 km; the bomb would hit the objective with near-vertical trajectory, thus limiting the damage to the target itself, minimizing the risk to nearby friendly forces or non combatants. Having fewer round of ammunition also minimizes the logistical tail.

GMM is compatible with modern 120mm mortars currently operational with most of the world armies. These bombs can be equipped with airburst, delay or impact fuses, defeating targets in urban areas, vehicles or wooded area.