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CONTROP A-SMSAccording to Controp, its new A-SMS has everything. It is a complete and ready to go solution, and with its advanced EO/IR (electro-optical infra-red) surveillance mission configuration is especially suitable for Law Enforcement and Government Helicopters. Surveillance helicopters of this kind are most commonly used by Police forces, Search and Rescue (SAR) applications, Fire Fighting and Coastal/Border Surveillance teams.

The A-SMS is offered with a variety of Controp’s Electromagnetic Infrared Gyro-stabilized Payloads. In addition, the A-SMS includes an Operator’s Work Station with a display monitor, a digital video recorder, a control unit, a mission computer and moving map software. This software features Augmented Reality (AR) as well as several additional, optional, capabilities such as Cockpit Display and a Video Downlink and Searchlight “enslaved” to the payload’s Line-of-Sight (LOS).  Also included is a certified A-Kit for mounting the payload and the entire system on the helicopter.

Controp’s A-SMS recently received Supplementary Type Certification by the Transport Canada Civil Aviation and is in the process of receiving certificate validation by the Brazilian Civilian Aviation Authority, as well as by the US Federal Aviation Administration, for the most well used type of Police/Government helicopters in Brazil, the AS 350/355.

The A-SMS was developed and certified in collaboration with CONTROP’s Brazilian partner, TAM Aviaco Executiva , who will promote, install and support it in Brazil.