Special Bulletin – A “Missile Defense Summit” in Herzelia

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misslie protectin summit

A “summit” of those dealing with aerial threats, mainly ballistic missiles, is being held this morning in Beit-Haayal in Herzelia. The convention is hosted by the Israeli Organization for Missile Defense along with i-HLS. Hundreds of participants arrived at the convention from the defense industries and the defense forces. In addition many guests have arrived from the US as well as other countries.

The threat of ballistic missiles, especially from North Korea and Iran, is a topic that many countries currently deal with. “We’ve come to Israel to study about the methods for missile defense. You are considered leaders in this field’” said a guest from Asia who didn’t wish to identify himself.

The convention showcases the achievements of the Israeli defense industries in developing multi-level defense systems against rockets and missiles – namely Iron Dome, Stunner, Arrow 2 and Arrow 3. Media representatives from around the world are covering the convention, where achievements are revealed to the extent possible, and conclusions regarding the use of the systems – such as conclusions from the use of the Iron Dome system during operation Protective Edge – are shared.