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Field-Proven and operational by the Israel Security Forces

Police departments over the world periodically face an acute dilemma in confrontations with violent civil unrest: the need for effective riot control and the duty to preserve the health and safety of all, including the protesters themselves.

Conventional tactics – from physical force all the way to tear gas and water cannons – have proven either ineffective, potentially lethal, or both.

Supported by retired high rank police officers, we have developed the perfect, if highly pungent, solution: The SKUNK.

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The Product

  • SKUNK is an innovative, non-lethal riot control method with proven effectiveness.
  • SKUNK is a pungent, foul-smelling – yet completely non-toxic liquid spray.
  • SKUNK quickly disperses the most determined of violent demonstrators.
  • SKUNK is harmless to them, to officers in the field and to the environment
  • SKUNK is the optimal response for the modern police force.

The eco-friendly SKUNK solution was developed for the Israeli police department to meet its highest operational requirements. SKUNK does so with less manpower, at lower cost and without the use of force required by other riot control tactics.

Skunk Brochure 08032015-1 D “It’s totally harmless, you can even drink it“

“This is an alternative for rubber bullets and tear gas, absolutely non-lethal, it’s organic and it’s totally harmless – you can drink it if you want, but it is very-very disgusting”

Superintendent David Ben-Harosh, Israeli Police (BBC News)


  • Un-believably stinking liquid spray
  • No injuries, Low cost, low collateral damage – highly effective
  • Field-proven – the Israeli Police and Border Control
  • Quickly disperses most violent demonstrators
  • Non-toxic, harmless, non-flammable, eco-friendly deterrent
  • Consist of 100% food-grade ingredients
  • No known counter-measures – 100% effective
  • Containing and preventing escalation
  • Washable off cloths, sticks to skin for days

 Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

Israeli experience proves that the SKUNK is the most cost-effective solution for law enforcement agencies concerned about keeping down budgetary expenses.

SKUNK deployment is far less costly than any special riot control equipment or compliance weapon alternatives.

With the SKUNK, manpower expenses are lowered dramatically, as fewer police officers can quickly and effectively restore order in relatively large area.

SKUNK is the result of years of resource-intensive development aimed at producing a law enforcement tool that is inexpensive, safe and effective, while also posing no threat to the environment.

Using 100% food-grade ingredients, the SKUNK is 100% eco-friendly – harmless to both nature and people.

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