Pakistan successfully tests missile launching drone

Pakistan's Burraq UAV

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Pakistan's Burraq UAV
Pakistan’s Burraq UAV

Pakistan’s Army announced the country has recently made a successful launch of a laser-guided missile from an indigenously-developed armed drone, or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). The announcement also said this means the county is taking a step closer to acquiring the technology it has long demanded from the United States.

The tests of the drone, called Burraq, and the missile, called Burq, on stationary and moving targets were observed by army high ranking officers. Nevertheless, very few patchy images have been taken of this test.

The all-weather drone and laser-guided missile have impressive pinpoint accuracy which multiplies capability against terrorists. This, according to the announcement made by the Pakistani army.

The test and demonstration of both the Burq and of the Burraq came days after Pakistan conducted a successful test launch of Shaheen-III surface-to-surface ballistic missile. It is said to be capable of carrying nuclear and conventional warheads to as far as 2,750 kilometers.

Defense experts told i-HLS the armed drone could assist Pakistan in the fight against terrorism and carry out counterterrorism missions. Nevertheless, the UAV may be deployed on many and varied national security missions as well.

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AUS&R2015_728x90Until now, Pakistan possessed only UASs (Unmanned Aerial Systems) which were designed for surveillance purposes only. These systems have numerous disadvantages and limitations. It is also unclear as to their age and performance.

According to the Express Tribune, the Pakistani army said that Burraq is Pakistan’s first Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle, a wholly indigenous aircraft equipped with armed missiles, resulting in the capability to immediately strike a target.

The United States has run a controversial drone program against militant hideouts in the militant-infested tribal belt of Pakistan since 2004. Pakistan publicly opposes the missile strikes by US drones. All Pakistani governments to date, have referred to these actions as a violation of the country’s territorial sovereignty. The Pakistanis has long asked the US to give them the technology required to run their own program.

It should also be noted that India, Pakistan’s age old rival in the region, has been steadily developing its own missile defense, complete with cooperation with the US and other nations. India has also been demonstrating its own indigenous drones, with numerous models and platforms being unveiled every so often.