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12035585_sD.O.G-Sec Integrated Security Systems Delivers Perimeter Protection Project of “SHELL” Compound in Nigeria. D.O.G-Sec announced it has delivered a perimeter security solution to the “SHELL” compound in Nigeria. The project included installation of sensors, camera, and communications systems all integrated into a command and control room.

D.O.G-Sec established in 2008 is a provider of integrated perimeter security systems including, surveillance cameras, video analytics, multi sensor capabilities and smart Fencing – intrusion and detection Sensors, all integrated into a video management solution VMS and Command and Control Software.

Israel Cohen, D.O.G-Sec CEO says, “We are delighted to deliver this turnkey solution aiming to protect Shell’s employees in Abuja Nigeria.” According to Cohen, “The company has put a lot of thought into the technology of the command and control room, and since it has witnessed that security officers in the field are constantly changing, the company provides in its command and control room a video management system, as well as an alert management system.” Cohen added, “The alert and video management system is per event. In case of an alarm, the system automatically manages the situation and sends forces if needed. Then the security officer’s duty is only to witness that the threat is being dealt with successfully.”

Other solutions offered by the company include the D-GuardSektor®, which is D.O.G-Sec’s latest development in the field of fence intrusion detection systems.  It offers accurate location of hostile events occurring at any point along the perimeter of a protected site.

According to Cohen, “D-GuardSektor® utilizes  tried and tested D-Guard 3G ® sensor cable of which more than 250kM has been installed on some of the most security-conscious sites in the world including prisons, airports, power stations, military establishments, as well as many sensitive industrial facilities.”

The D-GuardSektor® analyzer offers the ability to monitor up to 1000 meters of D-Guard® sensor cable which may be segmented into 100 sub-zones.  This enables the location of intruder-related activity as detected by the sensor cable to be identified to an accuracy of 1%.

Each sub-zone can be allocated its own set of detection parameters so that variations in fence quality and type may be accommodated within a single system. As a result there are no incurring false alarms or detection ‘blind spots’ that would be inevitable without such flexibility.

The technology behind this system is based on the Fence vibration which causes active wires in the sensor to vibrate in the magnetic field of the sensor core. This generates an audio signal which can be processed by the signal analyzer connected to the sensor cable causing the sensor to generate high quality audio signals as a result of its low impedance design. In addition, the D-Guard® sensor cable allows mixing and matching of ‘live’ sensor cable with ‘dead’ interconnecting cable so that non-sensitive areas may be inserted into the site perimeter as required  while still maintaining the capability to protect up to 1000 meters of fence with ‘live’ sensor cable.

Another solution is an optic fiber which is capable of detecting human footsteps and digging from 5 meters, and a tractor from a distance of 20 meters.  Cohen explains that this system is based on technology developed under a program supported by former U.S vice president Dick Cheney.  The aim of the program was to find an undetectable perimeter security solution for the border with Mexico.  The program itself was launched by inviting Universities to assist the American government in finding a solution. Cohen says that D.O.G purchased the technology from a UK based University and integrated it into their system which includes both an alarm and video management system. Another unique aspect of this solution is the ability of D.O.G Sec to use optic fiber which already exists in the area and to add its ability to be used as a part of the perimeter security solution.