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  • Logo MagenGathering Smartphones App and Cloud private information
  • Building Target’s full profile and track history
  • Providing access to cloud data (Gmail, Hotmail, Exchange, Dropbox)
  • No contact with Target’s Smartphone, no forensics!!!!!

magenData Interception

Our intelligence solution is based on smartphone interception. Today, smartphones are the most valuable source of data. Smartphones are involved in every aspect of people’s life. Whatever they do, wherever they go, whoever they speak to, the smartphone knows it all.


  • The Gateway to Smartphone’s Apps and Cloud Data lawful interception
  • Fast Operational Capability – Quick Results
  • Minimum user training, no technical skills required
  • Operation requires no changes to existing Modus Operandi Flexible, Scalable, Adaptable Solution
  • A Perfect Stand-alone or Complementary Interception Solution.
  • No Trace (no forensics) on the Smartphone!!!

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