Special Weapon Systems for modern anti-terror Warfare

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Anti-terror Warfare Unit Illustration
Anti-terror Warfare Unit

Low Intensity Wars, Asymmetric Wars, and Urban Wars Will All Require Special Weapon Systems.

The reason why Low Intensity, Asymmetrical and Urban wars will all require special weapons systems is mainly- to avoid collateral damage in all cases that is the killing of innocent people. In recent years, Israeli companies have come to understand that these special weapons systems will be in great demand since limited wars have grown to be the most ‘common’ in recent years.

Elbit systems, the Israeli company that is not identified as a weapon development company, has taken the initiative. The technology gathered by this company, to locate targets and mark them, is the exact  basis for the needed weapons. Accordingly Elbit systems is developing its guided advanced tactical rocket (GATR) for the Israel Air Force (IAF).

According to Elbit systems , the GATR is aimed at replacing the Hellfire missile. The company claims that its GATR will cost one third of the price and will be tailored to asymetric warfare that is the type fought around the world.

The GATR will be easily fitted to combat helicopters that are currently armed with the Hellfire missile .It will have an effective range of 8 km and its laser guidance system will ensure very precise hits. The GATR is being developed jointly by Elbit systems and ATK . In 2009 the two companies performed the initial flight tests of this new low cost missile.

GATR is a precision strike weapon that was designed to minimize collateral damage, while providing stand-off deployment against a wide array of target sets.  It is not designed to penetrate a tank but will destroy most other moving targets.

GATR supports lock-on before or after launch as well as autonomous or remote laser designation.  The system can be deployed against targets at ranges of 1.5 to 8+ kilometers from fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. It is compatible with existing 2.75/70 mm launcher hardware.  GATR will also be particularly effective in urban areas or against targets where a low collateral damage solution is required.

The GATR itself is interesting but what is more interesting is the fact that this rocket/missile is only one of a new breed that is under development now in Israel. Some will be revealed in the coming years. Others will stay under heavy curtains of secrecy as they will feature “special capabilities”. The tools for the most common wars to be fought in the future are being developed now.

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Illustration Pictures with courtesy of IDF’s spokesman unit