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RRADA_MHR-2-253x300ADA Electronic Industries announces the successful testing of its advanced Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (MHR) with the RPS-40 Counter-Artillery, Rockets and Mortars (C-RAM) mission. The RPS-40 provides tactical accuracy of the Point of Origin (POO) and the Point of Impact (POI). 

During the testing – which was performed recently and observed by representatives from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the defense industry – multiple mortars and rockets were fired within the radar’s area of coverage. The system detected the threats at a very early stage and provided exceptionally long alert times, while demonstrating no false alarms.

The RPS-40 detects, tracks, classifies and locates direct and elevated threats fired at stationary or mobile forces; threats include rockets, artillery, mortars, ATGMs, RPGs, and more. The system can be integrated with any protection and/or C4I system and can be installed at stationary bases and posts, or onboard fighting vehicles.

According to Zvi Alon, RADA’s Chief Executive Officer, “We are very pleased with the results of the tests, which have proved the advanced capabilities and the technological maturity of our radars. Our next goal is to establish the serial production line by mid-2013. In the coming months we will conduct further tests on additional operational missions, and estimate that by the end of the year our radars will be installed and in use by selected customers