IDF: new “Google-Glass”-style goggles will provide soldiers with combat data


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The IDF’s Computer Service Directorate is currently developing goggles that are similar to “Google Glass”. They are designed to be worn by combat fighters in the field, to receive real time important data, such as the location of enemy forces, what lies behind a wall, how many people man the adjacent position, and so on. The new device is designed to provide fighters additional information and to prevent friendly fire.

According to the IDF’s website, the Computer Service Directorate is currently developing numerous technological innovations. Sources at the directorate note that “Operation Protective Edge” was the most technological campaign in the IDF’s history. Command and control systems shadowed the forces deep into the battlefield; forces were flown in and shipped in to the campaign; the participating forces received clear and sharp real time images. All this made for easier, life-saving decision making. The recent campaign further highlighter the importance of mobility during battle. This constitutes a real torque. For this reason, it will receive further technological backing in the form of upcoming innovations. Ever since “Operation Protective Edge”, the Computer Service Directorate has been busy churning out various cutting edge technological advances, some of which were considered sci-fi not so long ago.

Currently under development, are tablet-based applications across the board, from the level of the commander in the field all the way to the IDF Chief of Staff. One such application is already operational in the field of military logistics. This application is based on a mobile platform – mobile logistic transportation. It shows, on the tablet screen, comprehensive data concerning all means of transports, such as trucks which carry weapons and ammunition. Each commander can receive updated data concerning incoming supply to his or her own unit, as well as transportation means bound for other, neighboring units.

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IDF Soldiers using Tablet and combat systems
IDF Soldiers using Tablet and combat systems

In the course of 2015, the directorate is planning to develop and subsequently unveil applications which would assist combat fighters in the battlefield. These innovations will range from target identification, an IDF alert application, and so on.

Another idea is the development of an application to identify fallen soldiers. Staffs from the IDF’s Chief Military Rabbinate will use tablets to identify bodies according to biometric samples. This is but one example to expedited processes, such as post-mortem identification, right on the battlefield, as quickly as possible.

Another idea is an application akin to “WhatsApp”. The goal is to feature improved communication between soldiers. This application, which is designed to run on the IDF’s encrypted network, will constitute a kind of one stop shop of download options. Each soldier will be able to download relevant information, in a way very similar to civilian news, transport and shopping applications.

User experience: after “Operation Protective Edge”, experts from the IDF’s Computer Service Directorate followed the various uses and applications of cutting edge technologies, and concluded that user experience is very important when it comes to emergency situations too. Consequently, development is underway of innovative gear featuring improved soldiers’ user-experience.