Hackers affiliated with ISIS attacked CENTCOM websites

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CyberCaliphateOn January 12, 2015, CENTCOM’s (US Central Command) official Twitter and Facebook pages were attacked by hackers affiliated with ISIS, as part of the so-called Cyber Jihad (or Cyber Caliphate). CENTCOM’s YouTube page was also hacked. On the websites, used by the coalition forces, the hackers planted a message claiming that ISIS had taken control of their computers.

According to CENTCOM, the hackers took over just two sites, which were consequently disabled for about half an hour (CENTCOM website, January 12, 2015).

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ISIS Hack CentcomOn the Twitter page, the hackers posted information on various topics, including the Chinese Army and North Korea. They also published the names, addresses and telephone numbers of senior US Army officers, transcripts of Congressional hearings, presentations, maps and other information.

A Pentagon source told NBC that there is no doubt that the attack on CENTCOM’s Twitter page is embarrassing, but it does not constitute a security risk. CENTCOM headquarters said that it is taking the necessary steps to deal with the attack.

Written by: The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center