9679859_sThe Israeli defense forces (IDF) want to keep the security fences along the country’s borders in top shape and has built a special unit for the mission.

Fifteen new soldiers have joined the ranks of the technicians maintaining the advanced fences that protect Israel, following last week’s conclusion of the most recent cycle of the Border Alert Systems training course.

These technicians are responsible for hundreds of kilometers of fencing fitted with touch and motion sensors, which protect Israel from threats in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, Lebanon and Sinai.

During the three-week training course, which took place at the Tzrifin training base, the participants learned to recognize every detail of the fences. According to the IDF Before being accepted to the training course, each of the new technicians was evaluated and given a sufficiently high physical profile to serve as a combat soldier.

The training course includes a range of content, but the emphasis is on the practical aspect. For that purpose, a fence of several meters was built at the instructional base for participants to practice locating and repairing malfunctions.