A newer version for China’s Wing Loong UAV

A newer version for China’s Wing Loong UAV

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Wing Loong UAV

A UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), which is seen as threatening the West’s dominance of the global UAV market, now has an upgraded version that uses a jet power system. This, according to Chinese media.

A report on the website of the Chinese-language Global Times, a government media outlet, said the medium-attitude UAV was produced by Chengdu Aircraft Industries (Group) Corp. and probably uses two small turbojets to generate power.

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The report cited Chinese military commentator Li Xiaojian as saying that photos indicate that the UAV is currently in the land-testing stage and how it will be used will only be confirmed after it has been fully equipped.

Li said the jet-powered UAV is probably an upgraded of the Wing Loong series, which currently uses a prop-driven power system.

China’s Wing Loong UAV is said to have been deployed by China’s military and exported to other countries.