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IAI Harop
IAI Harop

Israel aerospace industries (IAI) is offering some of its potential customers a package that will include the company’s Harop loitering munition (LM) and the Lora long range Surface-to-surface missile.

Harop has been developed to destroy high quality targets. The Harop system consists of the munition unit, transportable launcher and a mission control shelter, which provides real-time access to control the Harop by a man-in-the-loop.

The Harop missiles can be launched from various transportable platforms including sea and ground based canisters or air, launched to navigate towards the potential target area. It can be launched at any angle, horizontal or at a vertical trajectory. The sealed container ensures protection from harsh battlefield conditions.

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Harop is armed with a 23kg warhead and is equipped with a very advanced day/night payload (POP-250) made by the Tamam division of IAI. It has an operational range of 1,000 km and an endurance of six hours.


According to IAI, the high quality optical payload of the Harop can be used as “target locator”. In that mission type, one of the Harops can serve to locate other targets that can be handled by fire from other source. For that type of operation, IAI offers some potential customers its Lora surface-to-surface missile.

LORA (Long Range Artillery Rocket), weighs 1.23 tons and carries a 400kg of explosives.

With a range of 300 kilometers, and a GPS guidance, the system has a CEP (Circular Error Probable) of 30 feet.

IAI says that the use of Harop and Lora missiles confers the user the capability to hit targets in a large area with minimal collateral damage.

India has purchased the Harop system, and – according to the foreign press – the Lora system as well.