Kaspersky Lab Launches Online Radar for the Most Dangerous Cyberthreats

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Targeted cyberattacks logbook

As complex operations become an increasingly frequent feature of contemporary cybercrime, Kaspersky Lab is launching an online service that brings together all the information it holds on the most sophisticated cyber campaigns. The interactive Targeted cyberattacks logbook project displays the research and analysis of the company’s renowned Global Research and Analysis Team.

Currently, the team’s portfolio contains several years’ worth of research into 29 major targeted attacks, including high-profile campaigns such as Regin, Darkhotel, Cloud Atlas, and more. Through the new service users can explore links between threats as well as their trends and impact, or investigate the behavior of specific threats.

Each cyberattack is displayed on the timeline in the form of a ship: the bigger the vessel, the longer the attack has been in operation. The wake behind the ship shows the time from the detection of the first malware samples to the publication of the results of the research project. The color gradient indicates the number of victims (See above image).

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The service makes it possible to view links between different cyber campaigns and retrieve detailed information on each of them, including the geography of infections, the ways in which malware was spread, the cybercriminals’ targets and the special features of each attack. A convenient filter helps to sort the attacks by categories, making it possible to home in on those that, for example, only targeted information from private companies, in a specific country, and using certain techniques.

“Four years ago we could regard targeted cyber campaigns as one-offs, but now we are investigating more and more of these incidents every year. They are no longer unique events; they have found a special niche in the world of cyberthreat and demand special attention. That’s why we are launching this new online service.  We want to demonstrate the scale of sophisticated cyber campaigns and provide a means of evaluating their growth and reach. In 2014 alone, we recorded more than 4,400 victims of targeted attacks on the corporate sector,” said Alexander Gostev, Chief Security Expert at Kaspersky Lab.