New strategic project to implement cyber security platform for advanced applications

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Oracle wins strategic project to implement cyber security platform for advanced applications

A new joint collaboration with CELARE, cyber security subsidiary of the BATM Advanced Communications, to implement cyber security platform for large enterprises based on Oracle’s Big Data and advanced analytics solutions was just announced by Oracle. The system will be introduced during the coming year in a strategic facility.

Oracle Israel Ltd. and CELARE, cyber security subsidiary of the BATM Advanced Communications, a leading provider of real-time technologies for the networked telecoms, have won a project to implement an integrated hardware and software cyber security platform to monitor, detect and analyze complex cyber events for protecting infrastructures.

The combined solution involves number of leading hi-tech and energy companies in the cyber and infrastructure fields, as well as CyActive, a start-up from JVP venture capital firm.

The platform will provide an integrated network-based cyber protection system based on Oracle’s Big Data appliances and software tools as a complete defensive solution for networks from the infrastructure level to application level, providing to the decision makers and security experts a situational awareness of what’s happening within their network over continuous time periods as well as sophisticated investigation tools and innovative predictive engines to identify future threats.

As part of the combined solution Oracle will deploy a big data appliance, event processing engines and advanced analytical tools to collect, organize and analyze suspicious events both in real-time and offline modes, and rich visualization layer with information discovery tools for further analysis and producing insights. CELARE will provide smart collectors which will be deploy at the network edge and perform network functions (filtering, aggregation, correlation) with integrated DPI analysis and full session reconstruction to produce session statistics, metadata and content reconstruction, and network events which then will be ingest to Oracle’s Big Data Appliance for deep analysis.

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According to Uzi Navon, CEO Oracle Israel, “The Oracle and BATM cyber platform is a significant breakthrough that will provide a broad infrastructure for advanced cyber applications, knowledge and information sharing.  Oracle has invested and will continue to invest in this area while the Israeli branch is at the heart of this work thanks to the experience, knowledge and the innovative thinking in the cyber area. We are pleased to establish the joint collaboration with BATM Group, and expecting to leverage this business in Israel and worldwide at a time when governments and organizations are becoming more awareness to the cyber threats.

Sharon Uziel, Senior Business Development Leader at Oracle for Big Data and Cyber, stresses:  “Oracle and BATM have combined a variety of cutting edge technologies to tip the balance of power back toward the defenders by predicting where and how attacks will appear and identifying insider threats and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s). The platform is based on Oracle’s Big Data solution and powerful advanced analytics to collect and analyze all the information flowing across the network implementing a proactive approach, using predictive algorithms and knowledge of hacker methods to identify the future threats”

According to Brig. Gen. (Res.) Moshe Markowitz, CEO of CELARE, in BATM Group, “The cyber platform is an outcome of long standing cooperation and knowledge sharing between the companies:  CELARE offers network switching and monitoring capabilities for large organizations, while Oracle has Big Data tools and products for analyzing masses of data.  CELARE is leveraging the vast experience and knowledge accumulated by BATM Group with network switching, encryption, monitoring and building products and capabilities for the cyber defense. We are seeing enormous interest in our cyber platform from large defense agencies and organizations worldwide, and we expect to accelerate the global marketing process in the near future, and execute more pilot systems for strategic customers”