The Israeli-developed “electrical” cloth that will detect wounded soldiers

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This unique invention is being used for many applications: an electrical wire that is woven into normal fabric. This wire is made of carbon-coated threads woven into a flexible fabric that radiates heat. Thus, the fabric heats up.

ThermoSiv’s fabric is made of strong nylon/polyester yarn threads that are coated with its proprietary carbon-based compound. The semi-conductive carbon threads are woven with additional metallic conductive threads to make an all-in-one robust and at the same time extremely thin and flexible heating fabric.

The strong and flexible threads can be woven using existing industrial textile facilities, enabling it for high volume production at low cost and fast delivery.

The fabric radiates Far Infra-Red heat (FIR) between 8-14 microns. These are the same invisible spectrum of rays that are the healthy therapeutic rays that the sun radiates

After several years of development, and joint R&D projects companies, such as Du Pont, Peugeot, HoMedics and others, the company is now entering its commercialization stage. Approximately 1.6M$ has been invested in the development of the various applications and products thus far. The special fabric is marketed under the name ThermoSiv.

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Brig. General (Ret.) David Agmon, has developed the unique system and it is being used in many countries for different applications. A very popular one is to make light clothes radiating heat, allowing ease of movement.

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The recent application creates great interest, since a major cause of death after battlefield injury is hemorrhage: soldiers died in potentially survivable cases, because they did not timely receive medical treatment. The new application will help detect, identify, locate and report wounds to soldiers, in real time.

In other words, if only wounded soldiers were located on time, the bleeding wounds were diagnosed on time and the soldier timely received proper treatment, the number of casualties could be significantly reduced. Zohar Dvir told iHLS. Dvir, an engineer that has realized the potential of the special cloth has developed a wounded soldier detection and location based on the ThermoSiv.

The solution, which is called WounDetect, is integrated in clothing will monitor and report wounds to a medical team. The system includes means for calling for rescue while precisely reporting the identity of the wounded soldier, the part of his body which was hit, number of hits, soldier’s location, etc.

The detection is based on measuring the electrical parameters of the cloth and physiological parameters of wounded soldiers body and using changes in that parameters as indices of wounds incurred by the soldier.