The Israeli solution for building a situational Awareness Picture

The Israeli solution for building a situational Awareness Picture

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At an age in which the battlefield transforms within hours and even minutes, high quality tactical intelligence is the key to smart conduct in the battlefield. Most of the intelligence on the battlefield is generated by intercepting the enemy’s transmission with COMINT (Communication Intelligence).

“The enemy being aware of the risk involved in the interception, uses all available technology means to prevent its communications from being intercepted,” says Pini Birman VP Business Development at Genesis EW, a leading Israeli company for intelligence solutions.

He explains that the main challenge is to construct an up-to-date situation picture of the enemy forces in the most effective way for the given scenario, monitor the enemy’s actions and understand its intentions and plans in real time, despite efforts to conceal them.

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“GenCOM Defense is a set of military solutions which provide the user intelligence superiority in land, sea or air battlefields. The different GenCOM-Defense solutions construct an up-to-date view, alert the users to changes in the theatre and enable the creation of a target bank in real time and cost-effectively.”

Birman says that the solutions are based on data generated from the enemy’s communication signals (radio, cellular). GenCOM-Defense combines advanced technologies for mapping radio devices and telephones on the theatre and automatic analysis of communication patterns.

GenCOM systems can be configured to operate as intelligence centers with servers and user workstations or as portable systems on laptops.

GenCOM-Defense responds to the needs of military intelligence consumers by offering new options made possible through ongoing analysis of transmission and movement patterns of the forces in the battlefield.

Birman says that GenCOM Defense can be provided with sensors or it can be integrated with customer’s existing sensors and systems to provide upgraded situation picture analysis. “GenCOM-Defense generates intelligence insights and alerts which are specifically scenario-tailored in each solution.”

GenCOM Defense Mapping: Designed to automatically map the geo-spectral and tactical view of hostile ground military forces in an area of interest, monitor their activity and produce valuable targets in real time

GenCOM Convoy Defense: designed to escort and defend convoys in a hostile terrain from military or terrorist ambushes and raids in real time by deploying sensors over a single or multiple armored vehicles in the convoy.

According to Birman, there are other dedicated versions that answer different operational needs.