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IAI`s Heron with Sattelite communicationElecro opticMaritime radarCOMINT and ELINT payloads(1)

South Korea has decided to purchase Israel aerospace industries (IAI) Heron-1 unmanned air system (UAS).

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration decided to buy an undisclosed number of Heron-1 systems.

The Heron-1 is a medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) UAV developed by the Malat division of IAI.

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It is capable of flying at medium altitudes and features long endurance, thereby enabling operations of up to 52 hours’ duration at up to 10.5km (35,000 ft). It has demonstrated 52 hours of continuous flight, but the effective operational maximal flight duration is less, due to payload and flight profile.

The Heron-1 is in service with the Israeli Air Force and a number of foreign air forces.

The Heron-1 can perform a variety of missions including maritime patrol.