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FBI releases 2013 hate crime statisticsThe FBI released Hate Crime Statistics 2013, the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program’s first publication to present data collected under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crime Prevention Act of 2009. Accordingly, the bias categories of gender (male and female) and gender identity (transgender and gender nonconforming) have been added to the other bias categories of race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.

According to Government Security News, other new aspects of the report include the presentation of age categories to indicate whether hate crimes were committed by or directed toward juveniles.

Hate Crime Statistics 2013 includes data about the offenses, victims, offenders, and locations of the bias-motivated incidents reported by law enforcement agencies throughout the nation.

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Highlights of Hate Crime Statistics 2013 follow.

Law enforcement agencies reported 5,928 criminal incidents involving 6,933 offenses as being motivated by a bias toward a particular race, gender, gender identity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity in 2013.

There were 5,922 single-bias incidents involving 7,230 victims, compared with 7,164 victims of hate crimes nationwide in 2012. A percent distribution of victims by bias type showed that 48.5% of victims were targeted because of the offenders’ racial bias, 20.8% were victimized because of the offenders’ sexual-orientation bias, 17.4% were targeted because of the offenders’ religious bias, and 11.1% were victimized due to ethnicity bias. Victims targeted because of the offenders’ bias against disabilities accounted for 1.4% of victims of single-bias incidents; gender identity, 0.5%; and gender, 0.3%. There were six multiple-bias hate crime incidents involving 12 victims.

Of the 4,430 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons in 2013, intimidation accounted for 43.5%, simple assault accounted for 38.8%, and aggravated assault for 16.6 %. Five murders and 21 rapes were reported as hate crimes.