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אופנוע  כיבוי אש

During 2015, Israeli firefighters will focus on putting fires out, search and rescue in tunnels and high rises – emphasis on aerial firefighting and firefighting motorcycles.

Analysis of underground threats and high rise risks and improving operational response to fires in tunnels and in tall buildings – these are two of the primary missions included in the policy and objectives paper Israel’s Fire and Rescue Services published ahead of 2015.

Fire Commissioner Shahar Ayalon specifies in the paper, that during 2015, the emphasis will be made on several new issues, namely expanding aerial firefighting, special units, including firefighting motorcycle, as well as firefighting in ports and international cooperation with highly professional units worldwide in order to cope with natural disasters and forest fires.

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The following are the issues highlighted in the agenda for 2015:

  • Recruiting additional firefighters
  • Establishing additional fire stations throughout Israel
  • Building additional training facilities
  • Improving command and control capabilities
  • Expanding aerial response
  • Reserving stocks of fire retardants
  • Staff training and drills ahead of various scenarios, including joint exercises with other first responders
  • Improving service to civilians and ties with communities, with an emphasis on training and increasing awareness among the young through fire scouts and presentations at schools and preschools.

Over the weekend, the recent firefighting motorcycle course was completed. Graduates will begin operating firefighting motorcycles in the Dan and Center districts. The unit’s mission is to provide first rapid response, in particular to traffic accidents. The motorcyclists were underwent training in operational riding and firefighting using dedicated equipment. The fire services’ motorcycles are especially equipped for first response missions and treating fire and smoke injuries.