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A very special looking personnel carrier concept has been unveiled by Russian tractor builder ZIL

According to a report in Auto Express, the as yet unnamed machine looks completely unlike any military vehicles we’ve previously seen around the world, with a shallow sloping roof making the front end look like that of a large aircraft. The bodywork looks purposeful and aggressive with an amazing oversized grille, and you can see the working chassis underneath the bodywork.

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The vehicle, based on the chassis of the standard-issue US army Humvee, is said to be able to carry 10 people into combat in various seating positions. Two chairs at the back corners of the truck can be used by gunners, deploying weapons through the hatch doors.

According to Auto Express, the ZIL concept has been commissioned by the Russian army.

The ZIL is powered by a Cummins diesel engine with 183bhp, through a five speed manual gearbox to all four wheels. Despite the futuristic styling, it uses traditional leaf springs and drum brakes.