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yavil-02Ortech Defense Systems , an Israeli company, provides advanced protection solutions against bullets, missiles, Scuds, Grads, mortar shells, Blast and Ballistics hits, even to existing buildings.

Recent attacks on embassies and critical infrastructures, such as the terrorist attack on the natural gas facility in Algeria, has brought about a clearer understanding regarding the urgent need for protection on the part of risk analysts and security experts. The attack on the Amenas gas facility left 37 foreign workers dead, according to the Algerian prime minister. It showed that al Qaeda-linked groups now have the resources to reconnoiter and launch complex attacks against places far from their strongholds, using a network of camps and intermediaries throughout the desert.

As the capability of terrorists grows, so does the need for greater security precautions which can prevent attacks and provide defense the site. This dictates a hardening of the security perimeter.

Many solutions exist regarding perimeter security for critical infrastructures; However, the challenges involved in securing critical infrastructures and other sites cannot be solved by one system or solution. There is a need for the integration of a multi layer security solution in order to provide the maximum in security for these infrastructures.

The company’s protection solutions are made of composite materials, enabling it to apply the protection needed both quickly and efficiently.

When there are threats, the demand for protection will grow. In the case of the Second War in Lebanon many organizations decided to improve the protection of existing structures, among them the Oil Refineries. According to RanNaor, Ortech’s CEO, “reinforcing the various structures on the plant site proved complicated, as they included sensitive systems mounted upon the structure walls.  The operation of those systems could not be halted for long periods of time.”

Ran adds: “The ballistic wallpaper was the chosen product then, since it could provide the necessary protection required while allowing fast implementation without halting work in the plant. Maintaining the original volume of the structures and restoring systems to the walls in their original positions when reinforcement was completed, were both of utmost importance. The work was completed under a short timetable and was meticulously planned.”

The protection of a critical infrastructure often requires Hazardous Materials Tank Protection. Ortech provides protection fortanks and peripheral piping containing hazardous materials with a construction shield against direct hits and Fragments. The System is designed to provide resistance in high temperature situations and adaptability to changing threats.

Another solution offered is E-Glass Reinforcement using Composite materials, which provides protection improvements for existing structures against blast threats from bombs  and other explosives.  Additionally, the company offers Antenna’s Protection, designed to protect cables of Radar and Sensors for both military and civilian uses.