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The scene of this morning's terrorist attack in Jerusalem
The scene of this morning’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem

This is now a real war. But in Jerusalem, in the ministers’ well-protected offices, they insist on seeing something else. Blindness and stupidity are reaching new heights.

Jews are killed and injured almost every day. They still haven’t demolished the houses of the terrorists who had perpetrated the previous attacks. This issue will probably be brought before the Supreme Court and the deliberations will take months. They are trying to act like we are in Switzerland when in fact we are in the jungle. They are trying to hide their heads in the sand, but the sand it drowning us all. Israel is like a driverless car without any breaks, sliding further and further down into further calamities.

This morning’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem is yet another proof of what I, along with anyone with eyes to see, know full well, and what Israel’s leaders are trying to suppress: the only way to end the current wave of terror in Jerusalem is to initiate a complete and strict closure of all Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem. All this fake desire for “co-existence” between West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem is pie in the sky. Only strong, immediate measures could put an end to these violent acts. Those who have allowed the violent protests, throwing Molotov cocktails and fireworks are to blame for this morning’s terrorist attack.

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But our leaders are obtuse. They simply don’t get it. They are attempting to create a reality that is not there. Regular Israeli IDs, regular Israeli license plates for vehicles driven by potential terrorists. All this is making it very easy to kill Jews.

Those who denied the existence of a third Intifada (uprising), failed to issue a hardline response immediately at the start of these events, is making us pay ever-increasingly now.

And what is the government preoccupied with? Whether to hold elections or not. Whether to introduce a VAT-deduction on house purchases. They are busy with opinion polls. Israel is a nation whose residents cannot live in peace and security, yet whose leadership is busy with nonsense.


You are not going to believe this: Washington is suddenly doubting the credibility of Iran’s statements concerning its nuclear program. I really had to pinch myself, but I still do not believe it. Why? Because when it comes to the so-called “nuclear talks”, it’s all spin, it’s all make belief, one big sham.

There will not be any agreement on Iran’s nuclear program by the November 24 deadline, but even if the agreement will be signed after all, it still won’t be worth the pin that attaches its pages together.

How much rubbish can you pile up? There is probably no limit.

Arie Egozi i-HLS Editor-in-Chief
Arie Egozi
i-HLS Editor-in-Chief