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Left: GSS Director Yoram Cohen. Right: IDF Chief f Staff Benny Gantz
Left: GSS Director Yoram Cohen. Right: IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz

This country has gone mad. Everything is burning all around us, and yet Israel’s Chief of IDF General Staff and the head of the GSS (General Security Service) are fighting like children in some playground. The Prime Minister rebuked them, but the huge damage is already done.

But the fault lies not with them. It is the fault of the imbecile who allowed two senior GSS officials to give a TV interview to an investigative reporter. They were featured with their backs turned towards the camera, saying they issued an alert against Hamas initiating a war soon, and the IDF wouldn’t listen.

Secret services are supposed to be just that, secret. Members who are neither at the very top nor serving in minor roles should not give interviews blaming other security organizations for debacles. There are far more suitable forums for that.

But here in Israel, it is all upside down. There is no one calling the shots and holding people accountable. New records of stupidity and irresponsibility are broken here on a daily basis.

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It’s all one big mess. A free for all. Everyone has something to leak to the press, as though we are living in Switzerland, and the leaks disclose what treatments are available at the ski resorts.

This is what you get when there is no one in charge. This vacuum allows a former IDF Chief Rabbi to don his uniform and walk around inside military bases at a time of war, for example during Operation Protective Shield. And this is but one example. They allow themselves pretty much everything.

The Prime Minister acted wisely when he summoned IDF Chief of Staff and the head of the GSS, rebuked them and told them to pipe down. I expected those two to realize all by themselves what sets them apart from some celebrity who goes to the press and then complains what he or she said was taken out of context.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief