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The failure to act, whose results erupted yesterday in the most tragic way, dates back many months. A government which turns a blind eye to the entry of illegals through the wall demarcating Israeli territory from the Palestinian Authority, a county which allows vehicles from the territories into Israel practically without any restrictions, a nation which does not prohibit illegals to spend the night at construction sites and factories, is now getting its comuppons. It is hard to believe the level of incompetence this so-called right-wing government has displayed.

There is such a far cry between the leaders’ belligerent statements following each terrorist attack and their actions, or rather, lack thereof. They are simply not functioning. They are afraid. They are simply not doing the jobs they are getting a paycheck, a state car and security details for. They simply do not deserve all the stops we pull for them.

They claimed there’s no Intifada (uprising) going on, then they faltered, then they sent thousands of police officers to Jerusalem. One mistake after another, with so many since. There is a murderous, rampant Intifada, so deploying even thousands of more police officers is not going to help matters, not with the orders and means they are given.

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The only solution is to introduce a complete closure of Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods, sealing the separating wall, thereby cutting Israel off completely, and changing the protocol for opening fire. Are they really waiting for a soldier or a police officer to be burnt alive from a Molotov cocktail? If they cannot take the necessary decisions, they should go home and make way for those who can. The situation is at a point where the government’s incompetence has cost human lives.

This bunch of spineless ministers are simply ill-equipped to handle the current dire situation. There is no sense of security, no proper handling of unfolding events. It’s all talk, make-believe. All for show.

Any minor expert on security matters knows exactly what needs to be done in order to halt this wave of terror, or at least curb it. The know-how is there, but they are so inept, the ability to fight terror has been rendered ineffectual.

Two Israelis were murdered yesterday. Nothing real has been done, nor will be done. The government is paralyzed. They are scared of what “the world” might say. Our streets are governed by terror, which seems here to stay.

This morning, they say, they will have “an operation” to locate illegals. They will invite the press to some construction site, so those illegals could be filmed and photographed being arrested and taken away in handcuffs. Tomorrow, they will be back. This is how the cookie crumbles in “wonderland”.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief