Israeli safe cities take shape

city without violence command roomCity without violence: the technological department at G4S Israel deployed surveillance cameras and established a command and control room at the Northern city of Karmiel, Israel

The “City without Violence” program, operated by the Ministry of Public Security, is dealing with a wide scope of anti-social behavior, and is focusing as well on violence, delinquency and crime in local communities. The program combines five circles of activities: law enforcement, education, regulation of youth recreational time, the welfare of those affected by violence, and the presentation of the program to the general public.

As part of the city without violence program, the technological department of G4S Israel has deployed a new set of surveillance cameras all over the northern Israeli city of Karmiel. As part of the new program a command and control room was established to enable the city’s law enforcements authorities to receive real time information from any targeted scene.  The system provides for a direct voice line between the command and control room and the targeted area through a voice transmission systems based on IP.

The New system is also set to detect preprogrammed suspicious situations or movements, and will automatically activate an alarm in the event there is detection. The operator in the control room receives a real time video from the scene, monitors it and controls the situation by direct intervention using bright light on the targeted area or using the voice transmission system. The operator will continue to monitor any situation until the local police arrive at the scene.

Among the types of surveillance cameras deployed is an IR camera, which enables the monitoring and detection of suspicious activities in severe weather conditions.

The goal of the “City without Violence” program is to combat a variety of acts of violence on a municipal level, including: domestic violence, violence on the roads, violence among adolescents, violence in the schools and delinquent violence. The technological department of G4S Israel is responsible for similar projects in different cities in Israel, such as Yahud-Monoson, Or Yehuda, Nazereth, Naharia and others.